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Resolving an Instagram login problem

As of late, many Instagram users are having problems logging in. When opening the app, a splash screen appears saying “Help us make sure you own this account. To protect your account, request login help.” But once you click the button, you’re taken to the Instagram help page, and the system won’t let you back into the account. Nothing helps: neither logging in from other devices nor the desktop version. It’s impossible to contact Instagram support. So, roughly speaking, it’s a vicious circle: go to the app, press Instagram Login Help, go to the articles. And so many, many times.

The bug has been fixed since early October this year. Up until then the button was working, in October the button stopped working. Some accounts are having the bug a few days later after being restored.

There is a solution to this problem, all accounts that have had this bug (not the block, but the system bug) have been brought back to normal operation through a series of actions. I would like to add that the accounts were not on massfollowing, not caught in spam, etc. That is, no one is immune to this problem. Both a private account with a minimum of followers and a socially oriented account with tens of thousands of followers can have the bug.

The first thing to do is to install TOR BROWSER. Go to instagram.com and click on “forgot password”.
You should receive an email telling you to change your password.
Go ahead and set a new password.
Go back to the email (still in the same Tor Browser), find the email “Your Instagram password has been changed”. Click the link: If you didn’t change your password, you can secure your account here.
Instagram will ask you to verify your information (phone and email), confirm it. From then on, you can re-log in and use your account.

There are some cases when the algorithm doesn’t work. Then restart Tor Browser and run the algorithm again. You will have a new IP and a new place to go online. Usually it works for the second time.