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Instagram limits 2021

Instagram cares about user safety and comfort, so it severely punishes spammers and scammers. But you can get your account blocked not because of obvious bendings the rules, but because of banal ignorance of Instagram limits, that is, by accident.

In this article, we’ve outlined the current Instagram limits for 2021, so you don’t make the mistake of promoting your account.

New Instagram limits for actions per hour, per day, per month
Figures are tentative, because Instagram can change the limits at any time, come up with new rules or cancel old ones. One thing is for sure – the social network reacts faster every year to any vbendings and it’s likely that the limits will only get cut, so the best solution is to stick to the middle of the range (but it’s up to you to decide).

Important: limits are different for new, young (up to 6 months) and old accounts.

Number of follows
Limits for new account (less than a week old)

Up to 2 000 follows per month;
Up to 20-40 follows per hour, but not more than 100 follows per day.
For the young account (up to 6 months):

Up to 3,000 – 4,000 follows per month;
Up to 30-60 follows per hour, but no more than 500 follows per day.
For an old account (more than 6 months):

Up to 5,000 – 6,000 follows per month;
Up to 60 follows per hour, but no more than 800 follows per day.
Important: the range, for example, 3 000 – 4 000 follows per month assumes a different monthly amount, if you follow to the same number of accounts each month (for example, 3 500), it may cause suspicion to the social network algorithms.

Unfollows are counted the same way as follows, and the system summarizes these actions. That is, if you have a new account (up to 7 days) you’ve followd to 4 000 accounts per month, and unfollowd from 1 000, the total will be 5 000 actions, and that’s exceeding the limit.

For the new account:

Up to 300 likes per day;
Up to 25 likes per hour.
For a young account:

Up to 600 likes per day;
Up to 50 likes per hour;
For an old account:

Up to 900 likes per day;
Up to 50 likes per hour.
For new account:

Up to 150 comments per day;
Up to 30 per hour.
For a young account:

Up to 200 comments per day;
Up to 40 per hour.
For an old account:

Up to 250-300 comments per day;
Up to 50 per hour.
Sending messages to Direct
For new account:

Up to 20 emails per day.
For a young account:

Up to 40 messages per day.
For an old account:

Up to 50 messages per day.
You should also avoid sending the same message to different accounts, as this is considered spam. The exceptions are welcome messages and quick replies in Direct.

Important: spamming in Direct infuriates users far more than comment spam, likes, and annoying follows. Instagram is particularly careful about the quantity and quality of posts, so stick to the limits and work on the quality of your newsletters.

Delay between actions (timeouts)
Does not depend on when the account was created.

pauses between likes: 25-35 seconds;
between comments: from 7 minutes;
between following/ unfollowing: from 1 minute;
between sending messages in Direct: 8-10 minutes.
Scamming of followers, likes, views etc.
Scamming limits are not relevant in 2021, because if you don’t get a ban for these actions, you are simply killing your account with low-quality audience. Promote yourself with ads and useful content, drive traffic from other sources (social networks, personal site, YouTube channel), give away business cards with a QR code, do live events, shoot more posts.

Consequences for bending limits
You can get banned for:

overdoing it with likes and comments;
short pauses between actions (normal users don’t like 30 posts per minute);
too many follows and unfollows;
too many direct mailings;
comment spamming – these are identical comments under different posts to draw attention to your page;
Account can be blocked not only for bending of limits, cheating, massive activity and spam, but also for forbidden content, breaking of other’s copyrights, frequent editing of publications.

Types of blocking:

temporary – freezing actions (all or specific), need to change your password;
permanent – complete deletion of the account from the social network;
accidental – due to mistakes made by Instagram itself;
shadow ban – there are restrictions, but no warnings.
We advise to read the detailed article on what exactly and how Instagram bans, so as not to bend anything.

Important: In 2020, Instagram was testing a feature after which the social network itself will tell users who should be banned. Most likely, the innovation will work in 2021. Such accounts will be blacklisted (that is, they won’t be blocked by the system at all). It’s possible that Instagram itself will start blocking users if they’ve been blacklisted too often (we’ll see in 2021).

What to do if your account has been blocked?
You can try to appeal a blocking, if you haven’t committed an obvious illegal action and are not a persistent spammer. In 2020, Instagram has made it easier to appeal – this is good news for those who are tired of long, monotonous tech support responses.

Try not to exceed Instagram’s limits and use the social network like a regular user, even if your goal is to promote a business. These days, it’s harder and harder to engage customers through commenting, liking, following and sharing, but getting your account blocked is easy. So if you’re going down this route, plan your strategy carefully and stay within your account limits.