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How to start mentions

What are references and what are they for?

We are glad to announce that now, in InstaDirect Soft, the function of mass mentions in the comments of publications is available. Now you can bulk tag followers of any Instagram account on your post.

This feature is very effective if you need to quickly reach a large audience and advertise your product, service or promotion. Since, after marking a person on a publication, he receives a notification in his account and is very likely to go to the publication for review.

How to set up mentions in comments

1. Specify a link to the publication in the format https://www.instagram.com/p/CauOXxHA6OH/

2. Specify how many users to mark from the database in one comment

3. Specify how many comments to leave on each post from each account

4. Indicate a pause (sleep) between comments

5. Specify the number of threads to work with.

6. If you want to check marks and notifications, you can check the box and test run the task.

Instagram limits by mentions

On Instagram, draws are often held, one of the conditions of which is to mark friends in the comments. If you participate in such an activity once and leave 10-15 tags, Instagram algorithms will not pay attention to it. But if you systematically take part in sweepstakes and tag more than 10 accounts, Instagram may take this as spam and limit your actions.

Limit mentions on Instagram depending on the age of the account

Age Limit per hour Limit per day
0–3 months 5 30
3–6 months 5 30
older than 6 months 5 60

Instagram account blocking limit. The maximum number of blocks per day is 60. The recommended action interval is 60 seconds. The age of the account does not matter.