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All about live streaming on Instagram

Getting to grips with Instagram? You’re already one step ahead of the rest, because in this article we’ll tell you about live streaming in as clear and informative a way as possible. Instagram has a feature that allows you to stream live videos – Instagram Live. It’s a very powerful tool with which you can influence your audience, increase follower loyalty and get potential customers interested.

However, not all bloggers prepare properly for live streams, and their live outings end up being ineffective. If you are motivated to be productive and don’t want to waste your time on live events, here are some tips:

1. Define the purpose of the live. Think about it and write it down. You can educate people, you can share your point of view, your emotions and experiences, you can answer interesting questions from your followers, you can hold competitions. Having a clear goal will give you confidence and help you plan your live broadcast.

2. How do you attract more viewers to your live broadcast? Announce! Make sure you tell them about the upcoming live broadcast in advance. Dedicate a separate post to it and remind them several times in your posts.

3. Motivate people to watch your live. You benefit from followers watching you. Make sure they benefit as well. Motivate your audience with contests, giveaways, promotions. Announce something exclusive that only members of your live will have access to.

4. Decide on a format and pace of communication that’s right for you. We’re all different. Some are fast-talking and lightning-fast at coming up with jokes. Some speak beautifully, succinctly and measuredly. Not everyone can answer a question quickly or improvise. Take this into account and plan the format of the live based on your own skills and strengths.

5. Use a good camera with high resolution. You don’t have to buy professional video equipment. Modern smartphones have high-quality cameras, many of which are perfectly capable of handling lengthy live events. Seriously consider getting a tripod, so the picture is stable and not annoying.

6. Set up your live streaming settings and features ahead of time. In your Instagram Live settings, you can specify the ability to receive private messages, you can automatically post storis, and you can set up lives in general. Set up the functionality based on the purpose and format of the live, so that you don’t get distracted by the settings during the process itself.
7. Choose a suitable location for your live broadcast. Set up the frame so that it matches the theme of your live event. Obviously, the location for informal socialising and the location for presenting a new product will be radically different. Make sure the location is ready for a long airing, is devoid of distractions and will allow you to communicate productively with your followers.

Remember that Instagram Live is an effective and powerful tool for reaching your audience. We hope that our tips will allow you to make the most of it. Good luck!