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Unique program functionality

It's easy to start getting more clients:


It's easy to start getting more clients: Register in your personal account on this website. You can do so right now by clicking here.


Pay for the program and get the download link. You can pay using QIWI, WebMoney or Robokassa.


Install InstaDirect Message on your PC. It is quick and easy! If you have any questions, you can contact technical support in your personal account.


Break Instagram! You've got a powerful personal messaging tool that will take your sales and reach to the next level.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

Is it safe to use InstaDirect Message with my accounts?

Yes, as long as certain rules are followed:

1) Use accounts that are six months old or older. The older the account, the higher Instagram’s trust index for it, and the less likely it is to be blocked;

2) Use accounts with different themes and designs;

3) If you use proxies, they should be of high quality; Do not use more than 3 accounts per proxy (ideally: 1 account = 1 proxy);

4) Try to be as unique as possible with each mailing message;

Which proxy to use – IPv4 or IPv6?

You can get proxies from many different providers, but from many years of experience we have identified only one that stands out for its reliability and responsibility. Therefore, we can confidently recommend it to you:

InstaDirect SHOP – ipv6 mailing/resident proxies.

Set up 1 Ipv6 format proxy per account.

Proxies from this provider will work perfectly in our program which has been already verified many times. We wish you success in your work!

Can I set a time between sending messages?

You can set your own delay when you create a mailing. However, the program will not allow you to set a delay of less than 10 minutes, as this is not safe for the account.

How do I design and complete my accounts correctly?

Make sure your accounts are as different as possible from each other in every way. If you are using accounts with the same theme, make sure they have different descriptions, links, photos, and posts.

How do I write the right mailing text?

For safety reasons and to minimise the risk of being banned as much as possible, try to make your messages unique and different from each other. Avoid using similar text fragments. Remember it’s not just single words but complete phrases and sentences that should be unique.

Can I send an Instagram post or profile to the mailing?

You can attach any post or profile to the mailing. Make sure it is freely accessible, i.e. the owner’s account must be open. There are hints on how to do this in the program interface.

How much does the program cost?

A 1 month licence to use InstaDirect Message will cost you 3000 roubles. New users pay off this amount in 7-10 days on average. Experienced insta-businessmen can make it as early as the first day of using the program.

Are there instructions on how to run the program?

Of course there are! Go to our nice knowledge base – and find the information you need.


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